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Caribbean Intelligence rises out of BBC closure

Posted by Pat Perkel

CJA member Debbie Ransome, in between editing the quarterly CJA newsletter, has launched a post-BBC Caribbean venture.

It’s a website which brings together the Caribbean and its burgeoning diaspora.

“It fills the vacuum left by BBC Caribbean (which was closed in 2011) and it also fills the gap we did not get a chance to fill, bringing the Caribbean and its diaspora together,” Debbie, the former Head of BBC Caribbean, said.

“It seemed the natural development after the BBC Caribbean closure due to BBC World Service cuts and it provided a clean slate for a Caribbean news service and diaspora link-up for our digital era.”

Although new, Caribbean Intelligence© has already been featured on Jamaican radio, on Caribbean radio in Washington DC and in newspapers in Trinidad. Its articles are used across the Caribbean and in the diaspora.

Veteran Caribbean journalists, accompanied by writers from the Caribbean diaspora and younger journalists, all contribute to the monthly in-depth news and current affairs publication which also incorporates a weekly news round-up and a daily Twitter feed round-up from newsrooms in the Caribbean and in the Caribbean diaspora.

Debbie hopes it will provide a template for regional and diaspora link-ups as migration plays an increasing role in the lives of Commonwealth people.

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