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CJA-Cameroon speaks in defense of media freedom; against corruption

Executive Members of the Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA)-Cameroon held an emergency session in Yaounde to decry what is says are obnoxious articles in the 1990 liberty laws.

Among the resolutions adopted at the session are a condemnation of some activities of the National Communication Council and a call for a Freedom of Access to Information Act.

Press releases by the National Communication Council are a flagrant abuse of freedom of the Press and expression as enshrined in Cameroon law, said the CJA-Cameroon.

Reiterating a resolution adopted by the CJA at its Malta conference earlier this year, the CJA-Cameroon also made a renewed call for decriminalization of libel.

CJA-Cameroon president Chief Chief Foanyi Nkemayang Paul presided over the emergency session of the executive.

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