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CJA Newsletter July 2012

Street scene in Galle, Sri Lanka, 2004.
Written by will_henley

In this edition:

  • Sri Lanka – Websites banned, journalists branded as ‘traitors’
  • Pakistan – Protest over attack on TV station and a reporting on women initiative 
  • Maldives – call for TV station licence 
  • South Africa – Thoughts on “secrecy bill” debate 
  • East Africa – Journalists in exile
  • Canada – Quebec’s “truncheon law” 
  • Caribbean – Journalists discuss defamation laws 

Edited by Debbie Ransome. Download it here in pdf format.

Download supplementary report by CJA President Rita Payne here.

Contact: Debbie Ransome: debbie.ransome [at] commonwealthjournalists.org


Photo credit: K Nellies, ComSec.

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