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Journalists to aid poverty eradication program

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Written by pat_perkel

Fighting poverty by telling success stories is the focus of a new strategy that will see CJA Sarawak working with the Sarawak Welfare, Women and Family Development Ministry.

“This would include highlighting success stories of recipients of productive welfare to motivate the ministry’s targeted groups to achieve financial independence,” said minister Dutak Fatimah Abdullah in a July 24 article in Bernama.

Under the new program, local journalists will be able to take part in activities jointly organised by CJA Sarawak and the ministry such as field trips, especially to rural areas. The goal is to give journalists in-depth knowledge of the situation and challenges faced by the poor as they struggle to break free from the vicious circle of poverty.

Read the full article at: http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v6/newsgeneral.php?id=682875

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