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Pakistan asks state TV, radio to educate public on polls

Ballot boxes being emptied at the count for the 1997 Pakistan Elections.  .
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From Express Tribune

Contributed by Mohd Sajjad, RMNP

ISLAMABAD: The Senate standing committee on information and broadcasting called upon Pakistan Television (PTV) and Radio Pakistan on Monday to educate people about the upcoming general election and ensure that their coverage is both balanced and wide-ranging.

Senator Kamil Ali Agha, who heads the panel, said that the state-owned broadcasting organisations should play a pivotal role in informing the masses and increasing awareness of upcoming elections. Agha expressed appreciation for the code of conduct drawn up by Radio Pakistan for coverage of this year’s elections. The code, according to the senator,will set a precedent for other media institutions to follow.

He also said that the importance of radio is increasing day by day and it could play a critical role in providing the basic information that will create awareness among the people on the voting procedure and its importance.

The committee members also urged the PTV administration to collaborate with other television channels and provide basic information about the election to the masses so that the maximum number of people will cast their ballots. The chairman also urged PEMRA to play its role in overseeing private broadcasters during the elections.

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