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Peshawar incident ‘barbaric’, says CJA Pakistan

Anwar Adnan Jafri

Terming the terrorist attack at a school in Peshawar on December 16 – which left 132 children and nine school staff members dead – as barbaric, the Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA) Pakistan has urged the authorities to severely punish the perpetrators of the carnage.

Speaking at a condolence meeting organized by the CJA Pakistan, members of the association minced no words in describing terrorists as savages. Some of the speakers had to pause during their remarks as they could not control their emotions and tears.

Conveying their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families, members of the media fraternity offered their all-out support in the fight against extremists.

At least six terrorists attacked an army-run school on Tuesday morning killing 141 persons and injuring more than 100, including seven soldiers.

The bloody raid ended with the lives of all six attackers, but not before they had silenced 132 school-goers and nine others associated with Army Public School.

The school on Peshawar´s Warsak Road is part of the Army Public Schools and Colleges System that runs 146 schools nationwide for the children of military personnel and civilians. The schools accommodate the children of both officers and non-commissioned soldiers, and wives of army personnel often serve as the Schools’ teachers.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif described the attack as a “national tragedy unleashed by savages”.

“These were my children. This is my loss. This is the nation´s loss,” he said.

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